Connie Beaudoin

Connie Beaudoin is a quiet but powerful woman who lives and teaches from a deep devotion to truth and love. She is one of the most important people in mine and so many others lives.  It is through her love of yoga, Yoga, that I came to truly understood its meaning and what it can bring us in every dimension.  She is flying into London from Florida to teach my favourite yoga class in all the world within Wonder&Water.    A beautiful swirl of Yin, Vinyasa and her Dharma offer you a morning that feels a bit like church, therapy and yoga all in one.  It will be followed by a delicious Raw Lunch and wonderful conversation with blissed out folk.  Please book quickly and then smile quietly to yourself. (date pending , stay tuned!)

Master Oh
Loving ourselves as we truly are
+ Master Oh teaches us about our original nature, explaining that love, respect, wisdom and justice are all part of our natural make-up. We are all born with what he calls a 'universal mind' which sees ourselves as part of the totality of humankind. There will be a guided mediation that helps us connect more deeply to our Universal Mind (Which is the key to love and happiness).