Wonder&Water Loves Lululemon


I Believe in You & Me.

It is interesting because Lulu has been a part of Wonder&Water since the beginning.  There was a draw between us since the first exhibition in 2016.  As a human I love to follow the connections that are presented to me, walk through the door and see what I find.   What is the bond between us?  I’m interested in pursuing and deepening it.  



There’s something so generous about the offering of Sweatlife.  Sweatlife is a big energy, beautiful, musical, soul soaring weekend of good health and huge smiles.  It’s a 2 day embodiment of lululemon. And what I really want to add to that is a beautiful art installation in utter harmony with the Sweatlife ethos.  

A Wonder&Water experience for an immersive 5 minute deep dive into stillness.  A place to support serenity, reconnect with yourself , process and recharge,  Before you re-engage with the happy high of the festival.   



I make art films about water and use them to create installations that lead people home to the stillness inside of themselves.  

The films somehow slide you down from the busy of your mind into the calm of your heart.  They enable a deep meditative state that is easy to achieve for brand new and age old meditators. 

Water is such a beautiful way to connect to flow… allowing experiences and emotions to move through us relaxing the rigidity of control.  We are 75% water, it is our most profound teacher because we relate to it so utterly. 

Wonder&Water’s soul purpose is to make the world a happier, more loving place.  


The Installation

From the outside it will be a beautiful metal faceted construction, a silver diamond tipped on it’s side  inviting you in. It will be curious, captivating. The light will hit and it will sparkle. Surrounding the outside will be peep holes where you can place your eye to see mini kaleidoscopes of water films, to prepare you for the internal experience. We will be here to welcome each human, giving each a pair of noise cancelling headphones.


Inside a projection of the water films will swirl on all facets of the room. You will feel you’re on the inside of a kaleidoscope dancing with water. 

The soundscape will mesmerise you, a blend of shamanic house, embroidered with classical and water beats. You will find your way to the floor. Your heart will slow, a wash of peace will flow over you, alert but completely relaxed you will achieve a deep meditative state within 3 minutes.

After 5 you will feel curiously calm and deeply connected. Stripped of your protective armour, heart open, eyes wide, gently smiling, feeling beautifully in flow.

yayoi kusama studio infinity mirrored room - filled with the brilliance of life 2011.jpg

My promises to you.

It will be transformative. 

It will be a thing of beauty and wonder that people talk about. 

Your generosity will be received with gratitude and awe.

The space will embrace 10 people at a time ( The opportunity exists for guided meditations within the space)

The full film will be 5 minutes long.

There will be a dimension to this that will be very Instagram - this will be a place where people take photos. 


The diamond will cost no more than £15k.  I can also work to your budget.


This is how it feels


Here is an example of a commission I created for a denim mill.  This film is quite 'blade runner' as it was entirely site specific but it offers an opportunity to feel the effects of a four minute drop.  

Please take the time to put on headphones and offer it your beautiful attention so you can actually experience the change of state!  It is really lovely.