Over the two weeks I will be holding several Raw Dinners.  Raw Food, Raw Conversation, Raw Hearts.  I have invited some of the best Raw Chefs in London to peacock their skills.  Radically, there will be no booze on offer, so at first you might feel a little stilted if you lean on this social lubricant, but with a little time you will find yourself just as relaxed and jolly without it.  And there will be conversation and connection and I promise you will leave blown away by the beautiful flavours feeling healthy, happy and deeply nourished.  


Heather Umlah

Although I have only just recently met Heather, I am blown away by the depth of this womans knowledge about the power of food and her cooking is ON ANOTHER PLANET!  She has a soul as beautiful as any I have ever met and she believes that food has the power to heal us on a physical level but also on a spiritual and emotional level.  I believe it because, When I ate her forbidden rice with goji relish and Lotus - I saw a blinding light and was certain I had arrived in heaven.  She is cooking for us, and you should get ready for the most extraordinary culinary experience, your taste buds are going to need a seatbelt. She is going to feed our tummies and stimulate our minds and nourish our senses.  I am certain that we we will all be talking about this dinner for the next few years.