I feel the wave of people like you and like me who are wondering what else.  Wondering if the formula they are applying to living is the one for them. Wondering if they dare explore another formula.

Wonder&Water is an invitation into that wondering.

Six years ago life launched me off a cliff into a deep dive inside myself.  An exploration into Wondering – Who am I? What is truly important? Can I see the world more clearly? 

It became a personal quest to be more authentically human. I travelled to sit with amazing teachers far and wide, spending weeks in silence and weeks in strange yogic shapes, curled up in corners reading, watching, listening, questioning and assimilating. ..Wondering.

Over a long time, it became clear to me that the key to life’s wonder is stillness.  And whilst there is always flow – the secret is to find stillness within the currents.

And thus Wonder&Water was born.  I have curated the most powerful of what I have encountered on my travels and am making it available to you.  

A fast track to the slow lane.  

It is an offering to the harried and hassled folk of this magical city.  

It is a portal into stillness.


If I could give a gift it would be the gift of stillness.  

A moment every day when you pull the plug on your demands, 

allow peace to rule and just be still, come what may.