I would like to build The Help Heal the World Summit

and I invite your help to do so.  

The premise is simple, we speak about fear too much and in doing so we create more fear.  We need to change our dialogue - we need to speak much more about love. The whole goal is to raise the volume on how much we each speak about love by three notches on the dial.

That's a lot of positive noise.

I have discovered a powerful and effective way to do so.  It is beautiful elegant, incredibly compelling and not very expensive.  Could I tell you a bit more about it in the hopes that you will have ideas on how to help it fly?

Let me start by telling you a little about my history.

I am an artist, I make tiny beautiful films about water.

They are Powerful.  The films impact is somehow universal, they provide an emotional gearshift, connecting us to a deep, deep calm.  

There are very few things that can take you from your head to your heart in under 10 minutes… having created something that does, I am passionate about using my work to affect change in the world.  

And so in 2016 I created Wonder&Water, an immersive exhibition. It was magical and so I did it again in 2017. Over 1200 people came.

By the end of the second exhibition, because of the consistency of reaction, I came to really trust in the power of the films.  What I witnessed was people melt out of stress and into stillness, I could see it as clear as day and it was amazing.

I held workshops within the space…Which is how I found The Formula

My Films +Yoga + Meditation + Talks from amazing inspiring Humans about love

The alchemy the films, combined with yoga and meditation took you to a place deep inside where you already know that love can heal the world.  And the communication was received at this level, without the armor of cynicism that we wear as protection from the truth. And each person left the exhibition ignited about the power of love and ready to shout about it.

This needs to grow, and grow...within the next two years I would like to hear the Dalai Llama speak at The Help Heal The World Summit.

This is so much bigger than me, so I am asking a few very special people for assistance to raise this to its highest potential.

I invite you to wrap your wings around this dream and help it fly.  Will you Help Heal The World?


There is a place inside of each of us that knows.