Your words about Wonder&Water...

(Thank you so much for taking the time to write)

The workshops at Wonder & Water offered a space in which to approach and re-approach aspects of how one thinks and lives and - as a result, consciously or unconsciously - shapes one’s existence. There was not only meditative quietness on offer but some deep learning, right in the middle of the frenetic Soho.
— Anna Murphy, Fashion Director, The Times

"Like walking into a water wonderland. Tanya creates mesmerising film installations of water, making you stop and wonder at its beauty. She invites some of the most inspiring teachers and practitioners - of yoga, meditationand many other workshops that are hard to explain, you just need to experience them - to share the space with her; creating the most welcoming atmosphere and relaxing space for the senses. If you have a sense of wonder, you have to come and experience Wonder and Water"

-  Sophia Cliff



"Thank you for gifting Wonder & Water to London.  The exhibit was an experience of peace, tranquility and though I am new to mediation, your still pictures and video clips helped refocus my brain to the place you call stillness.  I felt lighter, brighter, relaxed yet energized and mostly in a state of peaceful tranquility.  I would want an exercise/ reading/yoga room with your water videos clips projected on the walls. My brain stopped planning ahead and I refocused on the sights and sounds of Wonder & Water.  It is a good place, a very good place to be."

- Marissa


"Wonder&Water is a very peaceful place where the flow of water can be seen and listen to in different states. still, calm and wild, like our daily life is. If you listen deeply there`s always a stillness behind the sound, no matter how wild the flow of the water may be, just our true self. It is essential to be connected to our true self in order to deal with big waves in our life in order to be happy. Tanya realised all that beautifully with Wonder&Water. "

-  Fabian

"The moment I went up the stairs and entered the magical world of Wonder and Water, the stress and tension of Soho shifted into a surreal space pushing one from a state of calmness to a state of positive energy.

The videos were powerful and the way they were presented provoked contrasting reactions.

A lovely break from the everyday."

-  Lambros


"Wonder&Water is not only a portal into stillness, but a portal into hope. Hope for a better world, where you or I leave inspired to go beyond our comfort zone and create a difference. 

If you imagine the seeds of a Dandelion being blown in the wind and travelling various different directions, then you'll understand the affects of Wonder&Water on the world. Tanya has created a unique space of energy that plants a seed of love in everyone it meets. And this is exactly the type of healing the world needs right now!" 

-  Vickie Williams


"The ocean was indeed one of my favourites! Thank you very much!

my experience at Wonder and Water was amazing, we all felt like we had stepped into some magical calm place the moment we walked up the stairs. Wonder and water was incredibly calming and made me think about many things while still being able to calm down and relax."

-  Gemma


Our impression of wonder and water was like taking a break from live, like a short holiday. Although it were only a few minutes, we we're so calm and relaxed afterwards. You created a really cozy atmosphere and harmony between us as human beings and the element Water. 

Since then we try to include moments of stillness in our everyday live. You showed us how to get a clear and calm head.

- Anastasia and Sherif


"the safe warm feeling of being indoors during a heavy storm is rare. more often then not I find myself at the reciving end of drizzle, damp and rain. I know very well the sinking feeling when you realise you are just not equipped to comfortably continue.

london is full of moments where the damp and hustle of it's streets begins to sink in saturating you until you realise you can no longer continue in comfort.

walking into the dark calming water filled space in soho was like stepping into the dry. 

In a quiet space in the heart of soho after a pretty spectacular night of caos my friends and I sat and listened to the rain outside whilst we sat and dried out in eachothers arms safe and dry as the storm called london raged on outside."

- Theo