Roxana Padmini


Roxana Padmini


Is going to be running 3 workshops, you can take them all, or just take one. No pressure, but the more you do the more you will grow.  Roxana teaches from a deep knowledge (20 years of devotion) to  Tantra, Kabbala and Coaching.   I first met her 4 years ago and was amazed by the her clear clean simple approach to life and love. She just seems to unknot the complicated relationship we have with our hearts.  She is wise, funny profound and a very gifted teacher.  You can sit in silence or add to the conversation - there is no pressure either way.  But you will leave with an altered sense of who you are, what is possible and how you would like to live, love and connect.  If you have any interest in deepening your relationship with yourself, with life or with a significant other - I recommend these workshops so so highly. 

Love Can Heal the World

Part 1: Loving Bigger & Better

Can love heal the world? In order to do so, we need to develop our capacity for love and compassion beyond our inner circle.  This workshop will explore these themes and explore how love is woven into the fabric of our lives, built into our humanity and how it can truly help heal the world.  Prepare to fall in love with the world around you. 

Part 2: Loving Myself More

This workshop is about our own human heart.  How all our dreams and experiences have formed it, and how to care for our heart so we can allow it to guide us in the decisions we make to live more loving lives. In this workshop the focus is on healing our hearts to expand our capacity to love.

Part 3: Loving my lover

How do we truly love another?  Why is relationship the area of life we struggle with most?  This workshop takes the themes of healing and love into the realm of the sexual romantic relationship. What is the healing needed in this dimension of our human lives? How can we meet each other more fully? 

These workshop will involve movement, teachings and guided meditation. 

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