Meditation led by deeply committed, amazing accomplished guides.  When you meditate with a skilled teacher, they can almost carry you in on their wings.  It allows you to experience a depth of meditation that perhaps you wouldn’t achieve without the guidance, and to understand better what beauty lies within a meditation practice.  Meditation can be quite daunting -  but if you can experience it at a deeper level you might just leave with the motivation to start your own  practice.  small, simple, achievable - no big deal.  

The mediation will occur daily between 12-1.  If work dictates you arrive 10 minutes late or leave 10 minutes early, please relax and do so (but anything later or earlier will be disruptive).   Come once or come every day you will always be welcome.  I would encourage you to consider a weeks commitment.  That will really plant the seed within you. 

There are 15 cushions available daily.  Meditation is Free.