Help Heal The World Workshops


I have invited some of the most amazing teachers I have met along the way to come down to London and share their inspiring learnings. The schedule is below.


Tanya Kazeminy

Over the past seven years of study, I have had thunderbolt moments of understanding -  I call them the epiphanies.  I share thema lot in conversation, they are always pertinent and thought provoking, they are universal truths.  I think of the epiphanies as the lily pads in the river of life that you can reliably place your weight on.  This lily pad to lily pad guide makes it easier to find your way, and saves you from doing all the slow and spluttery swimming that I did in-between each one.  One day they will form the backbone of a book.  But I invite you to come enjoy them now, in their unwritten form.  A verbal sharing of some of the secrets I have unearthed in my tireless toil for the truth.  There will be Yoga, there will be meditation and there will be epiphanies.   I hope you will leave the evening with a stronger sense of who you are, and what questions to ask.

June 25th, 6-8pm £10 - The Epiphanies: A very personal guide to love light and life


Master Oh

I have never met the Dalai Lama - one day I hope to.  But in the meantime I have Master Oh and I can’t imagine knowing anyone more deeply enlightened or devoted to goodness.  He is an energy master from Korea and he is such a pure beautiful being.  He lives like a monk devoting all of his time energy and earnings to helping the world become happier.  He has been in my life for 5 years and it is with great joy and gratitude that I share him with you.  He is going to be running a workshop on ancestral karma.  Imagine going to a workshop with an absolutely enlightened being - It will be interesting and thought provoking and you will be glad you came.  You will also leave with a renewed sense of energy and purpose - just one of the by products of spending time in the room with a energy master of his depth and skill.  It will be a beautiful experience.  I have to say, doing a guided meditation with Master Oh, is a deep and profound experience... 

17th June, 10-12 £10 - Loving the Ego

28th June, 6-8pm £10Loving ourselves as we truly are


Secret Yoga Club + Wonder&Water

Secret Yoga Club will be holding a Help Heal The World Workshops. In keeping with the exhibition SYC founder, Gabrielle Hales, will be guiding you through a flowing yoga practice, leading into a fluid crystal bowl sound bath. Exploring the inner self through movement, meditation and sound. 

27th June, 7-8.30pm

Teacher: Gabrielle Hales (SYC founder and teacher)

Workshop: Slow-flow yoga and crystal bowl sound bath


Roxana Padmini

Is going to be running 3 workshops, you can just take one or you can take them all. Roxana teaches from a deep knowledge (20 years of devotion) to Tantra, Kabbala and Coaching. I first met her 4 years ago and was amazed by the her clear clean simple approach to life and love. She just seems to unknot the complicated relationship we have with our hearts.  She is wise, funny profound and a very gifted teacher.  You can sit in silence or add to the conversation - there is no pressure either way.  But you will leave with an altered sense of who you are, what is possible and how you would like to live, love and connect.  If you have any interest in deepening your relationship with yourself, with life or with a significant other - I recommend these workshops so so highly. 

15th June, 6-8pm £15 - Loving Bigger & Better

16th June, 6-8pm £15 - Loving Myself More

17th June, 3-5pm £15 - Loving My Lover Better


Mercedes Ngoh Sieff

Every time I leave a Mercedes Yoga class, I am crazy in love with life.  She has an amazing capacity to teach deep transformative lessons with such lightness and laughter that you don't even realise you are in the midst of something challenging.  She lives her life in this same way.  She is so accomplished, In the past decade she founded Yeotown Wellness retreat in Devon which wins spa of the year regularly, had two beautiful happy kids and got a Masters degree from Cambridge.  All of this with her sense of humour and mindfulness firmly in tact. I am so excited to experience her workshop with it's blend of mindfulness, vinyasa flow and positive psychology all swirled together with the playfulness we used to inhabit as kids. I know we will walk out beautifully altered with our hearts and minds wide open to possibility.

18th June, 5-7.30pm £15- Loving our Lives


Brita Fernandez Schmidt

Brita is one of the most excitable, positive and generously joyful people I have ever met.  I first heard her speak at a fancy pants dinner about her passion for helping humanity and it cut through all the BS in the room and filled it with Real and filled it with Love.  She runs the charity Women for Women - which is a beautiful, beautiful force to help the worlds most held down women stand up into their strength dignity and capacity.  The stories she hears daily are filled with the worst actions of humans, and yet she absorbs it and translates it into hope, compassion and inspiration.  The thing for me about Brita is in knowing her for 5 minutes you know that Women for Women will be run with such integrity and intelligence, all money will go to good.  I am so excited to hear her speak about how love can heal the world.  She will speak with authority because she is living it daily. 

20th June, 10-1 £20 - Fundraiser for Women for Women


Jeffery Wium

The Summer Solstice is a magical time to enjoy a different kind of conversation.  I invite you to come learn how to stay loving when the world is such a storm of anger and fear.  Jeffrey is a fascinating man, having spent years living and integrating the celestial lifeways of the High Andes.  He has come back with a wealth of wisdom to share. He speaks about how we are in the process of  awakening consciousness, coming into harmony and entering the time of The Great Peace.  Jeffrey will convey ancient knowledge, guide meditation and offer practices that engage our heart intelligence to awaken our inner wisdom.  The goal is to expand our calm, loving presence while in the midst of chaos.  It is going to be beautiful. 

21st June, 6-8pm £15 - Loving Presence Amidst The Storms



An evening of beautiful Acoustic music performed within 50 beautiful water films.

Farrah (with LNLY) - @farrahmusic

Massad - @massad

Emily Jones

Sam Garrett - @samgarrett

Jeremy Peter Allen - @jeremypeterallen

June 20th, 8pm 


WEEK 2, JUNE 19 - 25th


WEEK 2, JUNE 19 - 25th


WEEK 3, JUNE 26 - 28th